Specialty License Plate for Pilot Mountain

A specialty N.C. license plate that displays iconic Pilot Mountain needs more applicants to be made available to the general public. In order to obtain approval of the license plate from the N.C. General Assembly, 300 applications, with $30 payment for each to the N.C. DMV, must be submitted by February 15, 2021.

The plate will generate a stream of income to be used for projects not covered by the State at Pilot Mountain State Park. Of the $30 fee, $20 of it will go towards work at Pilot Mountain State Park by the Friends of Sauratown Mountains. Applicants may be eligible for a Friends of Sauratown Mountains T-Shirt. T-Shirts will go to the following applicants: 101st, 150th, 200th, 225th, 250th, 275th and 300th.

The license plate project right now only has about one-third of the submissions needed to make the plate available for purchase by all North Carolinians.

Pilot Mountain and Surry County residents are working with the Friends of the Sauratown Mountains to create the specialty license plate. They feel this is a great way to showcase the beloved iconic mountain, which is a National Natural Landmark.

To support the project, you can mail in the form and payment or send in the form and payment electronically.

To mail the form and check: Log onto http://bit.ly/2XBwtRn, print, fill out and mail the form and a $30 check to Friends of the Sauratown Mountains, Debbie Vaden, PO Box 353, Danbury, NC 27016. Make the check payable to Friends of Sauratown Mountains. The form plus the $30 check may be returned to Pilot Mountain Town Hall at 124 W. Main St., Pilot Mountain, NC 27041.

To submit the form and payment electronically: Visit http://bit.ly/2XBwtRn, print, fill out, scan and email the form to  debbie.vaden@sauratownfriends.org. Then, pay $31 (the extra $1 is to help cover the transaction fee) on the Friends of Sauratown Mountains website, by clicking the “Donate” button at https://sauratownfriends.org   

Paper forms may also be obtained from the Pilot Mountain State Park Visitor Center, Anderson Law Offices, the Head Shoppe in Pilot Mountain, the Armfield Civic Center and Pilot Mountain Town Hall.

If approved by the N.C. General Assembly, the first plates will probably start being issued in June 2021 at the earliest. If 300 submissions are not obtained, the fees and the forms will be returned to the applicants.

Citizens will also need to pay their normal plate fees at time of renewal.

Anyone with questions can call Debbie Vaden at 619-987-6257 or Ann Anderson at 336-978-2049.