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Authorities, Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Surry County is continually seeking volunteers to serve on authorities, boards, commissions, and committees. Some volunteer appointments require the applicant to possess specific skills in order to be eligible to serve. If you are interested in serving, please print and complete an application and forward it to the County Manager's Office. Click here for the application.

Aging Planning Committee
Animal Control Committee
Board of Adjustment
Board of Equalization and Review
Board of Health
Dobson Community Library Board
Dobson Planning Board and Board of Adjustment (ETJ representatives only)
Elkin Planning Board and Board of Adjustment (ETJ representatives only)
Industrial and Pollution Control Financing Authority
Jury Commission
Mount Airy Board of Adjustment (ETJ representatives only)
Mount Airy Planning Board (ETJ representatives only)
Natural Resources Committee
Northern Hospital Board of Trustees
Northwestern Regional Library Board
Nursing Home Committee
Pilot Mountain Board of Adjustment (ETJ representatives only)
Pilot Mountain Planning Board (ETJ representatives only)
Planning Board
Recreation Advisory Committee
Region I Aging Advisory Committee
Tourism Development Authority
Voluntary Agricultural District Board
Workforce Development Board
Yadkin Valley Economic Development District Inc. Board