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Real Estate

How do I view online images?
You may view the images by becoming a subscriber. A Subscriber will pay a $120.00 annual fee and for that fee will receive the following benefits: Unlimited copying and viewing of Real Estate index data and images. Call 336-401-8150 for details. A non subscriber does not pay a yearly fee and receives the following benefits: Unlimited view of Real Estate index only.

I see many abbreviations used in connection with Real Estate Documents.  Where can I go to find out what they mean?
Abbreviations are commonly found in all Real Estate documents. The North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds publishes a list of approved abbreviation codes for role/status designations, instrument types, and property descriptions. A
listing of these codes can be found on the Abbreviations page of this website.

What are real property documents?
Real property documents are documents that primarily deal with land in Surry County. These documents include: Deeds, Deeds of Trust (Mortgages), Restrictions, Right of Ways, Easements, Subdivision Surveys, Leases, etc.

How do I obtain a copy of my deed?
The Register of Deeds Office will provide a copy of your deed at $.25 per page. If you know the names of the grantors or grantees, the year purchased, and/or information to help us find the document, you may request it by mail.

Can the Register of Deeds add or delete names from a deed?
No. A deed is a legal document establishing property ownership. The Register of Deeds and staff are prohibited by the state of North Carolina from practicing law. Therefore, we are not permitted to alter a deed in any way. If you need to revise a 
deed, we suggest you consult an attorney.

How do I obtain a copy of the map to my property?
Our office will provide a copy of a plat map for $2.00, if it has been recorded and
is in a subdivision.

Can you check for liens on my property?
No, title research by Register of Deeds employees is prohibited by law.  Judgment and lien information is available in the Clerk of Court's office.