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General Questions

What is your mailing address?

201 E. Kapp Street
PO Box 303
Dobson, NC 27017

What are your hours of operation?

The office is open from 8:15AM to 5:00PM, Monday – Friday.
Marriage applications are only accepted between 8:15AM – 4:30PM
The recording of Real Estate documents cuts off at 4:30PM

How do I view online images?

You may view the images by becoming a subscriber.
A subscriber will pay a $120.00 annual fee and for that fee will receive the following benefits: unlimited copying and viewing of Real Estate index data and images. Call (336) 401-8150 for details.
A non-subscriber does not pay a yearly fee and receives the following benefits: unlimited viewing of Real Estate index only.

What are the address and phone numbers for other Register of Deeds in North Carolina?

Click here for a complete listing.

Can anyone access the information contained in the Register of Deeds Office?  

Yes, all information in our office is public record.

Does the Register of Deeds search titles?

No, this can be done by the individual or by a legal representative.

Why record documents?

Documents are recorded in the county’s official records to publicly declare their existence and enactment. Anyone can research these records to identify property ownership and liens placed against property.

How are documents recorded?

There are several steps which occur before any document is recorded.

  • Your document is reviewed to make sure that it meets the state-mandated and local recordation rules.
  • The appropriate fees and taxes are collected.
  • Identifying numbers are assigned to the document.
  • The names contained in the document are added to the index.
  • Your document is achieved and verified.
  • The original document is then sent back to you or your agent.

Is there a fee for recording documents?

Yes, click here for a schedule of fees.