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Environmental Health Division - Lodging-and-Institutional-Sanitation

Food, Lodging and Institutional Sanitation
Facilities permitted and/or inspected include restaurants, hotels, motels,  bed and breakfast homes and inns, public school cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, local jails, meat markets, temporary food establishments and other similar facilities that prepare and serve food to the public for pay. Unannounced inspections up to four times per year are conducted based upon the type of food preparation taking place. Sanitation ratings can be searched online.

Plan Review
If you are building/remodeling a new/existing restaurant or opening an existing facility that is no longer permitted, you must submit an application to our office. Along with the application, plans drawn to scale, equipment specification sheets, menu information, and a plan review fee must be submitted for review and approval.
Plan Review Application

Mobile Food Units and Pushcarts
In order to get an operating permit for a pushcart or mobile food unit, you must obtain approval from a permitted restaurant or commissary from which to operate. The Health Department will have to approve this facility through the application process.
Mobile Food Units and Pushcarts Application

Temporary Food Establishments
Food service operators at festivals, public exhibitions and special events are required to obtain a permit from the local health department to prepare and sell food to the public. All food must be prepared on site after permitting or in an approved kitchen (not at a home) with approval from the health department.
Event Organizer Application
Food Vendor Application
New Temporary Food Establishment Rules

Limited Foodservice
The permit application along with a drawing, menu, and schedule of games will need to be submitted to Surry County Health Department at least four weeks prior to construction or commencement of operation. Permits for limited food service establishments will expire on December 31 of each year. A new permit from the Department will need to be obtained before the limited food service establishment shall be allowed to operate each year. An example of limited food service would be a concession stand operated by volunteers who serves food in conjunction with an amateur athletic event.
Limited Food service Permit Application