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Applications and Forms

As you begin your new construction project you will need to be in contact with this department before any work is begun to verify what type of permits are required and to avoid any additional costs.

You may choose to apply online via the new CityView Portal.  Click here to go to the Portal.

When beginning this process, one or more of the following permits may be required for your project. The following applications are available for you to print and fill out ahead of time, so you can have them ready when coming to apply. If you need assistance with filling out the applications the Central Permitting staff will have applications available in the office and will be glad to assist you.

Building Permit Application
Trade Permit Application   Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing
Manufactured Home Permit Application
E-911 Addressing Application
Environmental Health Approvals Application
Environmental Health Site Evaluation Application (perc test)
Well Permit Application
Zoning Permits - Will be required for most new projects. Central Permitting issues zoning permits for projects and/or properties in the unincorporated areas of the county and the within the Town of Dobson's zoning jurisdiction. Any project within the zoning jurisdiction of Elkin, Pilot Mountain or Mount Airy MUST obtain a zoning permit from that municipality prior to any issuance of a building permit.
Commercial Plan Review Application- Required for any commercial project. Please see the checklist  for additional documents that may be required in order to submit for commercial plan review.
Residential Pool Application
Sign Application

At this time, in order to apply for any permits, the licensed contractor will need to either visit the office and pull the permits themselves OR fill out the Contractor's Authorization Form allowing employees of the licensee's business to pick-up, sign, and pull permits on their behalf. If the homeowner is acting as their own contractor, for their own personal property, they are allowed to pull their own permits and do the work, however, they will need to be on-site for all inspections and sign an affidavit.

Projects over $30,000 may be required to have a Lien Agent. For further explanation or information regarding the NC Liens Law please contact the Central Permitting Staff.

Thank you.

Central Permitting Staff
Phone: (336) 401-8300
Fax: (336) 401-8327