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Voter Precinct Consolidation

The Surry County Board of Elections received approval from the State Board of Elections in consolidating nine existing precincts in Surry County. This consolidation was proposed as a cost-saving measure. The precincts approved by the State Board of Elections that met the requirements of alterations to approved precinct boundaries, complying with G.S. 163-132.3, are as follows:

• Precinct 33 (Mount Airy #3) and precinct 14 (Mount Airy #4) will now be Precinct 31, Mount Airy Combined, and will be located at Grace Moravian Church Fellowship Hall, 1401 N. Main Street, Mount Airy
• Precinct 06 (Elkin #1), precinct 07 (Elkin #2) and precinct 08 (Elkin #3) will now be Precinct 30, Elkin, and will be located at The Elkin Center of Surry Community College, 1461 N. Bridge Street, Elkin
• Precinct 20 (Pilot Mountain #1) and precinct 21 (Pilot Mountain #2) will now be Precinct 32, Pilot Mountain, and will be located at Armfield Civic and Recreation Center – Senior Center, 873 West 52 Bypass, Pilot Mountain
• Precinct 02 (Dobson #1) and Precinct 03 (Dobson #2) will now be Precinct 29, Dobson Combined, located at Surry Service Center Training Center, 915 E. Atkins Street, Dobson

Precincts were considered based on territory and population that allows for efficient and accurate administration of elections. Consideration of available polling places and access to polling places were researched before seeking approval by the State Board of Elections. All locations were carefully scrutinized for an ample voting enclosure and adequate voter parking. The facilities are ADA compliant.

All voters affected by the consolidations will be sent a letter by first class mail. A legal notice will be placed in newspapers in the county. Party chairs, elected officials and all candidates filing for office will be informed of this change. For all 2020 elections, signage will be placed at the former polling locations, directing voters to the correct location. All changes will be implemented and be in effect for all elections beginning with the 2020 Primary, which will be held on March 3, 2020. The voting schedule will not change with hours for the Primary and General Election being 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

New Voter Districts Map
2020 Precinct List