Vital Records

Marriage Records

Surry County is probably the only county in the state that has records of all existing marriages in the county. The earliest marriage is 1778. Records of the time are most likely marriage bonds, minister and J.P. returns, as well as marriage licenses.  Marriage records 1771 to 1778 do not exist and in the early years following that, the records do not seem to be complete.  There are also a number of missing marriage records from late 1800's and early 1900's. However, abstracts of information from the index, regarding the marriages, have been created. The marriage records also include co-habitation records recorded in 1868. The marriage records are available in book format and have also been scanned and can be seen and copied from the imaging system in the office. Marriage records have also been indexed on computer. There are indexes of all marriages by groom and by bride.  The index is in book form and can also be found on the office imaging system.

Birth Records
The registration of birth records in North Carolina began in 1913. Surry County has over 115,000 birth records. The records also contain delayed birth records for those who were born before 1913 and those born after 1913 whose birth was not reported and who had a delayed birth certificate prepared. The original birth records are available. Certified copies are created from computerized birth data from the original record. Also, all births have been indexed in the computer. The birth records where the child is not given a surname are indexed under "not stated". Birth records for those who have been adopted are no longer on record in the local Register of Deeds Office and can only be obtained from Vital Records in Raleigh. 

Death Records
The registration of death certificates also began in 1913. The records are in book format and are also accessible from the office imaging system. There is a computerized index of deaths as well.

The Surry County Register of Deeds and staff are now happy to offer on-line availability to obtain certified copies of birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses.  Simply click the link below and follow the instructions.

Military Records
The military records filed in the office include discharges, enlistment records, and miscellaneous records including certifications and some death notices. Provisions for the filing of veteran's records were enacted near the end of World War I. A few of the military records go back to the 1890's.  Per N.C.G.S. 47-113.2(b)(1) military records only become public record after being recorded for 80 years.