Planning and Development

Surry County employs a planning staff of four, including a Director, Planning/Marketing Assistant, Administrative Assistant and Local Ordinance Officer.  Daily activities in calendar year 2012 included the administration and enforcement of land use and solid waste ordinances, with staff typically handling some 2,000 walk-ins and 6,000 telephone inquiries yearly.  Services provided by the Department included zoning, census data, floodplains, watersheds, subdivisions, manufactured home parks, permitting, and ordinance enforcement. Planning and Development staff served as staff to the Surry County Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, and also assisted in transmitting development and other planning proposals to the Board of County Commissioners.  By interlocal agreement, the Department also performed similar planning and zoning services for the Town of Dobson, which is the Surry County seat and location of this office.

Kim Bates - Director,
Aldrea Rife - Administrative Assistant,
Doug Hall - Local Ordianance Officer,