Parks and Recreation

The Surry County Recreation Advisory Committee serves as the advisory board for SurryCounty on issues relative to recreation and parks. The Advisory Committee shall advise the Parks and Recreation Director, CountyManager, and CountyCommissioners within its responsibilities and powers stated in the ordinance from December, 2005.

 Goals and Objectives:

  • Serve as a liaison  between the Parks and Recreation Director and the citizens of Surry County.
  • Consult with and advise the Parks and Recreation Director in matters affecting recreation/parks programs, facilities, policies, finances, and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties and its long-range, projected plan for recreation and parks.
  • Investigate and determine needs, interests, and goals of the community for recreation facilities and programs and make recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Director, CountyManager, and CountyCommissions to meet those needs and goals.
  • Inform and educate the general public of the importance of and need for recreation and park programs, facilities and services.
  • Seek and make recommendations on the acceptance of grants, gifts, bequests, donations, and personal and real estate property for recreation and parks purposes.
  • Assist the Parks and Recreation Department in developing cooperative arrangements with other organizations and private groups, when it will further the objective of providing more and varied kinds of recreation and park programs for the citizens of Surry County.
  • Assist the Parks and Recreation in recruiting voluntary leadership staff to work with recreation/park program and activities
  • Assist in matters relating to maintaining the highest standards in recreation/park leadership, a well-balanced program, and park development and operation.
  • Assist in developing a plan to meet the present and future needs for programs, services, parks,  facilities, open spaces, and trails and to advise in developing priorities for each of these.
  • Receive information and reports from staff concerning the evaluations of programs, facilities, policies, and procedures.
  • Recommend approval of rules and procedures pertaining to recreation programs and  use of public parks and facilities,      including suggested fees and charges, upon request.
  • Carry out any other assigned studies and/or activities as determined appropriate by the Parks and Recreation Director and County Commissioners.

Current Recreation Advisory Committee Members and the Municipalities they Represent:

Donna Collins, Chairperson (Mount Airy)
Eddie Wilmoth, Vice Chairperson (Dobson)
Joe Mickey (Elkin)
Rusty York (Mount Airy)
Robin Shore (Lowgap)
Ronald Inman (Pinnacle)
David Johnson (Westfield)
Jay Yopp (Pilot Mountain/Armfield Civic Center)
Mike Branch (Elkin/Rockford)
Linda Davis (Elkin/Rockford)

Ex-Officio Members:

Daniel White (Surry County Parks and Recreation Director)
Frank Beals (Elkin)
Josh Smith (Dobson Town Manager)
Adam McComb (Elkin Recreation and Parks)
Catrina Alexander (Mount Airy Recreation Department)
Jimmy Miller (County Commissioner)
Paul Johnson (County Commissioner)
Chris Knopf (County Manager)