Opioid Response Council

The Surry County Opioid Response Director is a countywide resource, whose mission is to build and coordinate services, programs, and resources to combat the County’s opioid abuse problem.  The Opioid Response Director works with the Opioid Response Advisory Council, consisting of 20 members from county, state and federal agencies that represent the medical community, the court system, the three school districts, the faith based community, pharmacies, EMS and law enforcement.  The Opioid Response Advisory Council provides leadership, strategic planning, and collaboration for the County’s opioid response efforts.  

Council Members

Samantha Ange, Surry County Health Director
Scott Baird, Pharmacist
Dennis Barnette, Faith Community Representative
Daryl Bottoms, Pilot Mountain Chief of Police
Ricky Bowman, District Attorney
Sheriff Steve Hiatt
Dr. Myra Cox, Elkin City Schools
Jeff Eads, Partners Behavioral Health
Paul Hammes, Hugh Chatham Hospital
Dr. Kim Morrison, Mount Airy City Schools
Shawn Myers, Town of Dobson Chief of Police
Kristy Preston, Surry County Social Services Director
Dr. Travis Reeves, Surry County Schools
Bill Southern, Chief District Court Judge
John Shelton, Surry County Emergency Services Director
Monroe Wagoner, Town of Elkin Chief of Police
Dale Watson, City of Mount Airy Chief of Police
Chris Lumsden, CEO Northern Hospital of Surry County
Dirk Ballou, Resident Agent in Charge, DEA Greensboro Resident Office

Ex Officio Members
Eddie Harris, Surry County Commissioner
Chris Knopf, Surry County Manager