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Environmental Health - Septic New and Existing

For new septic systems

Soil Site Evaluation- Perc Test
The site evaluation -commonly known as a 'perc test' -consists of an evaluation of the soil and the lot and the
subsequent design of the septic system. The site evaluation fee covers the initial test, the design of the system, and the final inspection of the system. The Residential Site Evaluation is for any building in which people will live or stay (for example: a house, apartment, cabin, etc.), The Non-residential Site Evaluation should be used for any business or facility that needs a septic system (for example: a church, volunteer fire department, restaurant, office, etc.).
Residential Site Evaluation Application
Non-residential Site Evaluation Application

For existing septic systems

Environmental Health Approval (EHA)
The EHA covers two main areas: 1) hooking a structure to an existing septic system and 2) adding an expansion to the lot (for example: a garage, a deck, an outbuilding, a pool) or any other appurtenance. Either way, the EHA fee covers an inspection of the site to verify that the addition will meet the setbacks to any well and septic system.
Environmental Health Approval Application

Expansion to Existing System 
This application is the same as the Soil Site Evaluation Application and coversan addition to an existing structure that requires an expansion of the septic system. Some examples include: adding a bedroom to a house, adding more employees in a business, or increaSing the number of seats in a restaurant.
Existing System Application

Repair for an Existing System
This application is needed if your existing septic system is failing. We will come out to your lot, investigate the failure, and provide you with the best solution for your Site. There is no charge for this permit. Redraw of IP/CA Fee - This fee is applied when something happens on the lot and the existing permit must be re-drawn. Some examples of this include: plumbing not stobbed out where originally stated, grading over the septic area, a change in house dimensions.
Septic Repair Application

Site Revisit Fee
This fee is applied when we have to make an extra trip out to the lot.

Some examples of this include: not having property lines marked, not having building
location(s) flagged/staked, changes to the existing permit (see Redraw of IP/CA Fee).

Every application will need to include a Site Plan that includes all proposed structures,
existing well(s) and septic system(s), proposed driveway, proposed decks, porches, or
other appurtenances, and areas to be graded. You may obtain a site map from the
following page:
Site Plan Link

Request for Operations Permit